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‘All Publishers Are Idiots!’

January 13, 2010

Imagine walking up to a stranger in the street… and asking for £1K.

“I’m going to the races,” you say. “When I come back I’ll have doubled or even tripled your money. Hell, I might even surprise you and make a cool million.”

Do you think he or she is doing to hand over the money? Erm. Tough one, but probably not.

Ok, this is the type of letter that I regularly receive in my mail box and I never know whether to laugh or cry:

“What iswrong with the publishing industry is they are stale, they won’t tyake a chance with none published writers. I have never had a bad letter about my writings only (enjoyed your book good luck) or words to that efect. If they enjoy my stories (children’s stories) why not take a chance!?!”

Shall I answer or would you like to?

Why do publishers and agents reject books? Hmm. Tricky.

Writers Block

January 13, 2010

Writers often ask me: “What about writer’s block? What do I do on days when I feel less inspired than normal?”

Well here’s my answer. I’m not a big fan of ‘writer’s block’. It smacks too much of ‘can’t do’ for my liking. I’ve never been one for letting things hold me back – life is far too short.

So consider this. What if you don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning? Or if you don’t feel like taking your kids to school? Or if you don’t feel like going to work or speaking to your clients?

You just get on with it of course!

Of course there are going to be times when we feel less vibrant, less energetic, less inspired than others.

But it is essential is to keep going. It’s important to keep writing – even if it’s for only 30 minutes per day – no matter whether you’re feeling inspired or uninspired.

Treat your writing as a ‘career’, not a hobby.

If you’re feeling particularly stuck try a change of scenery. Write in a different room. Or if you’re used to sitting in front of your keyboard, try speaking into a dictafone.

Just treat this as a temporary challenge that you intend to blast through.

Before not too long, you will have that same creative spark glowing bright again.