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Last Call For £2K Writing Prize: Midnight Tonight

February 1, 2010

Hundreds of entries have been flooding in for this year’s writing prize…

Our dear postie has arrived with his shoulder bag weighing him down for several weeks now.

The poor bloke will no doubt be delighted when the deadline runs out at midnight tonight!

Entries have been coming in from all around the world… Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, France, Italy, to name but a few.

We won’t get down to looking at the entries properly until tomorrow. And then we are going to be REALLY busy.

I’m so excited about the prospect of working with the winner on their book and their writing over the next 12 months.

My aim will be to get them thinking and acting like a professional writer as quickly as possible. In other words, I’ll be helping them find the shortcuts that it took me over 20+ years to discover!

There’s little I love more than seeing writers set themselves huge goals and then helping them achieve them.

Don’t forget, there are additional prizes worth another £1,500K for the runners up.

If you haven’t submitted yet, there are just a few hours left…  The deadline is midnight tonight folks!