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Want To Win A Writing Prize? Think… Write… Believe

April 27, 2010

Here’s an utterly inspiring story from one of my subscribers, Douglass Davies. I loved this so much I wanted to share it…

When Douglass first started writing screenplays, he used to hold up an All Star baseball trophy in the mirror believing and feeling it was an Oscar.  In his own words, “I was just a rookie firefighter”.

Yet that year, he received his first paid screenplay contract for a movie produced for under $1million, entitled COACH. The producer had mortgaged his farm to finance it – a massive risk for him.

The film was made and completed. That year it was considered with 43 films produced internationally through the Christian Distributors Association.

One Sunday morning, nearly a year later, a producer phoned Douglass to inform him that he he’d won Best Screenplay at the ceremonies in Hawaii.

Within days, he was holding in his hands a gorgeous (and heavy) Oscar-like statue. He placed it next to the baseball trophy in his office.
It was a defining moment for him.

Speak it and believe it. Extraordinary things can happen if you do.