Are You An Undiscovered Children’s Author?… Exciting New Anthology Seeks Writers

If you’re an unagented and unpublished children’s writer, here’s
an exciting chance for your work to appear in a prestigious

‘Undiscovered Voices’ is a new book of excerpts from unpublished
children’s novels.

The anthology is sent to literary agents and editors to
raise awareness of these undiscovered talents.

No less than 13 of the 24 selected authors from two previous
anthologies have secured publishing contracts, or have been
for or won literary prizes.

These include: Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize; The Branford
Boase Award; The Blue Peter awards and The Carnegie Medal!

The anthology is being produced by members of The Society of
Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators British Isles

Any unagented and unpublished writer can submit writing from now
until 1 June 2011.

Full submission details can be found at:

Wishing you the publishing deal and success you deserve.

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One Response to “Are You An Undiscovered Children’s Author?… Exciting New Anthology Seeks Writers”

  1. Mary Helen Gill Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this letter, and consumed every word.
    I have self published 3 non fiction Adult stories on, Ebooks( not moving fast enough though) only sold 4 copies, but are now listed on other sites including Kobo. Only this morning I had an idea for a children’s book and I have begun to write it. I am 82 and a first time Author.

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